UMC - United Mongolian Corporation

UMC, as a group, specializes in retail financial services, investment management and co-investments, private equity, distressed real estate and real estate portfolio management. Since our establishment in 2004, we have worked on high-profile management advisory projects, private equity ventures, capital markets deals and large sum property projects together with local and foreign investors. We strive to add an insightful business perspective to our diverse partners as such as global hedge funds, investment groups and local high net worth families based on our deep local knowledge combined with strong management track record.

History: Stories of people

• UMC was first established in 2004 as a consulting group to advise and help businesses to increase their efficiencies.

• Since then UMC has done number of high profile advisory jobs.

• UMC has diversified into deal origination, investment management, and deal structuring and asset management businesses.

• UMC has co-invested, structured and managed several high profile RE and PE deals in Mongolia.

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